Ritayan Rath


Prinzessinnenstraße 21-24

Looptone #1:
The sheer body of the entity that, perhaps unintentionally, holds the elements together
in a shape that is somewhat familiar to us puppets. Is nature the body of this
entity or characteristic? Does it need a reason to hold it together, or is it by its whim?
Regardless of what associations we make, or what we may call it.
The flower with or without our name
Will always smell as sweet.
Should we keep smelling these flowers or should we cultivate more, inside and
around us?
Looptone #2:
Imagine when the cosmos has an itch. Each scratch would be disruptive at a scale
that’s incomprehensible. Do we try and make ourselves safe? Or do we behold the
sight of the magnificent movement it creates?
Studies and understandings are moulded to show patterns and narratives,
Did we forget that narratives are not predefined, rather just an instrument of telling a
story, rather than prediction.
Bandit Parsec:
The Bandit Parsec has his own individual self and personality. It doesn’t
have the core qualities of his creators: The black holes. In fact it is created
as a result when the potential of the creators or parents (black holes) are
challenged to an extent that they stop functioning as themselves.
The artwork is inspired by The Final Parsec Problem in Astrophysics. Once
supermassive black holes get close enough to each other, they stop swapping
gas and stars and stealing each other’s energy and everything slows
right down. The final parsec problem theory suggests that all black hole
binaries will stall out at around a parsec apart (3.2 light years) and time will
stretch out to infinity.
In this artwork the blackholes take the position of eyes of an entity (Bandit).
The surrounding gases, stars and the space-time distort themselves due to
the attraction of the two black holes and warps themselves giving the entity
a form. In this event, the Bandit Parsec steals the reality as we know it.
Time is not merely an abstract concept but intimately intertwined with humanity. Each grain represents a unique individual, emphasizing the diverse and interconnected nature of human existence. As time flows through the hourglass, it symbolizes the universal and inevitable march of time, affecting everyone regardless of their differences.
Movement and fluidity inherent in the story of existence, trapped within the confines of the hourglass, symbolize the ever-changing nature of human mobility—both physical and metaphorical— as we navigate through different eras, cultures, and environments.
With hourglass on clockwork, even lifetimes prove to be units of time Generations of lifespans filling up calendar , clocks, time while making more of it, over and over again. With the obsession to measure, and by identifying time with that, Hhave we understood it well?
Is it evolution or shapeshifting?
And to what measure?
Is it gaining complete control
If so, over what?
Or losing control
And if so, to what?
We have a bit of ourselves in everything
and everything has a bit for us.
The strings seen or unseen,
do define the liberties of all entities
But who or what pulls them?
Augmented Hearing:
and spread at times.
Ears being receptive to many a things,
but aren’t they trained to receive
almost everything human?
Pools of information,
with what we’ve become picky in.
Fishing for the things in need,
out of everything possessed.
This way of doing things,
it came from somewhere,
Do we get into those depths,
Is the Seeker ready for what it reveals?
Or perhaps it is better at the banks,
appreciating its silhouette from afar.
Bear in Beer:
The slow and steady elevation that a beer provides,
and the creature that it reveals,
slowly muting everything,
that possesses us through the day,
or in the past,
It lubricates our bones,
our passions, our dogged zeal,
yet undeniably sculpts the time,
binding the bears together casually breaking down
the fish and honey consumed through the day.
Who’s consuming and for who
Is it for ourselves
Or for the elders and partners
the friends and acquaintances
the bodily or mental functions
ambitions or regrets
And more importantly
Do we chew as much because it’s easy
Or because we’ve been trained to?
Regardless, let’s get the
forks and knives,
spoons or chopsticks
the tools of the trades
Let’s not care much nor too less,
And neglect this necessity in spades.
resides at the crossroads of the surreal and the concrete. It is a canvas where the allegorie dreams and reality converge. In this realm, diverse figures harmonize over digital altars, forging an unlikely alliance of primal essence and technological progress. Their unity is portrayed through mystical and nebulous transformation lines, blurring the boundaries between imagination and the tangible, a portrayal of the elusive dance between dreams and reality.
Amid this dance of creation, a human form rests beneath the table—a repository of dormant aspirations and the ethereal realm of dreams. Amidst a landscape adorned with symbols of consumption, the cadence of industry and leisure intersect that colors the modern age, composing a symphony of existence’s intricate facets.
In this piece, dreamscapes intermingle with digital progress, while symbols of consumption stand as vestiges of modernity’s dynamic interplay. It becomes a visual riddle, inviting interpretation of the interplay between dreams and the concrete, as well as the intricate relationship between creation, consumption, and progress in our intricate world.
Void is omnipresent
Should make it a god
But people too can create hollow,
In variety of realms of life
We try and inflate and deflate
again and yet again out of everything,
So much that most of the entertainment
and media is based around it
So in case you’re tired of reality,
Indulge in the fantasy of void.
What do you say?

Ritayan’s life journey has been a vibrant tapestry of cultural exploration and artistic expression. Hailing from India, he was born and raised amidst local art and culture. From a young age, Ritayan immersed himself in various artistic forms, including painting, illustrations, and sculpting, which ignited his passion for creativity and design.
Driven by his innate curiosity, Ritayan embarked on a transformative educational path, frst pursuing his studies in Architecture at Bhubaneswar’s CET and later venturing to Frankfurt’s prestigious SAC (Städelschule). These academic experiences provided him with a global perspective and instilled in him a deep appreciation for the interconnectedness of art, culture, and architecture.
Living and working in diverse environments, such as India, Qatar, and Germany, further shaped Ritayan’s artistic approach. Each location left an indelible mark on his creative sensibilities, infuencing his artworks with their distinctive favors and perspectives. Ritayan’s exposure to diferent cultures and design philosophies instilled in him a passion for creating multi-disciplinary works that transcend traditional boundaries.
Ritayan seamlessly blends traditional and digital mediums, from ink on paper to cutting-edge digital art and visualizations. His mastery of digital tools for sculpting, modeling, and scanning enables him to merge concept art with design. Each stroke or click is a testament to his meticulous attention to detail, infusing purpose and authenticity into his work.
Recognizing the signifcance of the artistic process, Ritayan considers it as vital as the fnal output. Whether sketching concepts or refning designs, he imbues his creations with a sense of purpose. He understands that the journey of art and design is as profound asthe fnal product. With an insatiable thirst for perfection and a relentless pursuit of excellence, Ritayan fearlessly pushes the boundaries of artistic expression.