Eda Topac


Galerie Salon Halit Art
Kreuzbergstraße 72

Eda Topaç (*1996) was born in Berlin. She graduated from university with a degree in educational sciences and is a certified mentor and mediator. Her art is self-thought and detached from art studies. She is a humanist, feminist and open-minded atheist.

About the artwork:

Topaç‘ art is a mirror of everything she understands and still wishes to understand. To a certain degree it reflects the current ‘Zeitgeist’ and its influences as much as it is a representation of an inner world expressed through symbols and emotions – a place where status and money don’t exist in its realm. It wouldn’t be completely honest to shut its existence and presence off – even, or especially in arts. But rather than polarizing the artist maintains the act of bringing the world’s extremes and paradoxes into balance and harmony.

If art is not about love at some point, can it even be called art? Many pieces mirror heartbreak and pain as the shadow side of love and its glory. Yet Topaç’ red thread is the human experience itself, its struggle and fight to make it right without falling into outdated societal conditionings. As much as mother earth is a pulsing part of the cosmos, so are her artworks living through its own colors and compositions. While art is supposed to widen your (inner) horizon, her artistic raison d’être is rooted in making transparent what it means to be human. But first and foremost, it is about what it takes to stay human.

Artist’s note:

May you open your heart center and feel it all without being afraid. It is safe to feel, it is safe to heal. May you release, may you grow and let go.

It’s time for your soul to flow.