Live Radio DJ & Live music and
some other artpimp surprises
Urbanstraße 47
Fr 18-24 Uhr
Sa 12-24 Uhr
So 10-20 Uhr

Artpimp is half crazy, …the other half is Volker, together they live in a 2Raumwohnung in Urbanstr. 47, Kreuzberg Berlin.We invite artists since June 2015, to swing by, have a coffee, a chat,listen to music, make music, paint, write *on typewriters, sleep, chill, live, do radio, use the bathroom, have a shower, have a snack, eat a meal, to party, to sing, to think and sink into one|s own inspirtation and deeper or shallow thoughts, and to feel free to let these out.Often messy with many things,I will clean up for the Art Kreuzberg Weekend, and invite anyone who is curious to come and check out my walls and space. I will also organise live radio and music on said weekend,as well as some other Artpimp surprises.When we need more space and the weather is fine,we go outside too, maybe tothe basketball youthclub area on the corner.For more details and updates please visit my Instagram>