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Henrik Brahe
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Henrik Brahe ,archaeologist and photographer, has collated these photos primarily from Egypt and has called the portfolio Arch Hands – a curious name for a monograph, the purpose of which one presumes would be to throw light on classical objects, buildings and find spots, and hence produce documentation that is true to scale.
There is documentation, but the photographs are not of the kind weighing down a scientific paper by specifying the size, date and provenance of the find. What is demonstrated here is the work and the toil, the heaviness, the danger, as reflected in the dusty, damaged and bandaged hands regularly displayed by the workers. The hands become the main actors in the story that evolves; indeed even more so, as the prefix “arch” heightens the value of the noun – archduke, archangel, etc. In short: hands of the highest distinction…
The interesting and new in this apotheosis of hands is the fact that the story being told is kept as close to reality as documentary photography dictates, but at the same time it carries on the fascination of classical art and architecture that is so distinctive of Henrik Brahe’s earlier art works since the late 1980s.

Born 1965. Denmark
Selected solo and group exhibitions:

2019: “Self-Staged” The Theatre Museum at The Royal Theatre. Copenhagen Photo Festival. DK  “Arch Hands” Haderslev Kunstforening. DK
2018:     Global Art Gallery. “Iraq War Shoes” Copenhagen Photo Festival. Vanløse. DK
2017:     Memorial Gallery. “Dusan Starcevic” Smederevska. Palanka. Serbia
2016:     Alexandria Library. “Archaeo Delta” Archaeology in the Nile delta. Egypt Global Art Gallery. “Arch Hands” Vanløse. Copenhagen. DK
2015:     The House of Culture. Rejsestalden. “Photos From The Middle East” Jægerspris. DK
The Surrogate factory. Hedehusene. Copenhagen. DK
2010:     Gallery Warming. “From Duck to Dawn” Copenhagen. DK
2009:     Gallery Pialeh. “Selection 09” Copenhagen. DK
2008:     Skovhuset in Værløse. “In Situ” Copenhagen. D
2007:     Photofest Houston. “New Photography from Denmark”. USA
“OOG-EYE”. Photographs from WM Hunt Collection Dancing Bear. FOAM. Amsterdam
2006:     Scandinavian House. “New Photography from Denmark” New York. USA
‚“Sans Regard”. Musee de LÉlysee. Lousanne. Schwitz
2005:     Scandinavian Photography. Faulcner Gallery, Grinell. Iowa. USA
Recontres de la Photographie. Arles. France
2004:     Centro Culturel Andratx. Gallery Asbæk. Mallorca. Spain
2003:     Gallery Revolver. “AK 47” Copenhagen. DK
2002:      The Danish Culturel Institute in Damascus, Bayt al-Aquad. “Architecture In Progress” Syria  6th International Photography Gathering in Aleppo. Syria‘
2001:       Middelfart Museum. “#5” DK
2000:       The Photographic Center. “Case Stories” Copenhagen. DK
Gallery Weinberger. “Content Providers” Copenhagen. DK
Paris Photo 2000. Carrousel du Louvre. France
1999:     Museum Ludwig. Cologne. Germany
Billedhuset Gallery. “Laokoon” Copenhagen. DK
1998:     The Museum of Photography, Brandts Klædefabrik. “The Permanet Collection3” D
1997:     The Photographic Center. “Study for Nude” Copenhagen. DK
1996:     The Cisterne. Søndermarken. “Non Totem” Copenhagen. DK
The National Museum of Art. “Elektroniske Understrømme” Copenhagen. DK
1995:     Hjøring Art Museum. “Nordenfjords A/S 95” DK
Gallery Jean Luc Pons. Paris. France
The Photographer Gallery. “DNA” Copenhagen. DK
1994:     Maison de Danmark. “Spleen” Moi de la Photo. Paris. France
The Museum of Photography, Brandts Klædefabrik. “The faces of Photography” DK
1993:     Institut Francais. “The Roman Way” Copenhagen. DK
Gallery Image. “Staged Photography” Aarhus. DK
Europe dÁrt dÁrt. Niort. France
1992:     Nikolai Contemporary Art Space. “Gnadenbilder” Copenhagen. DK
Spectre Studio. New York. USA
1991:     Gallery Photographica. “Pinhole” Copenhagen. D
Gallery AV-ART. “Two Rooms” Copenhagen. DK
The Museum of Photography, Brandts Klædefabrik. “The Shadow of Nagasagi” DK
1990:     Le Genie de la Bastille, Portes Ouvertes a la Scandinaive. Paris. France
Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition. Copenhagen. DK
1988:     Charlottenborg Autum Exhibition. Copenhagen. DK
1987:     Arte Elemental. Facinas. Spain
1986:     The Photography Museum, Brandts Klædefabrik. “The Photosyndicate” DK
1984:     The Theatre of Odense. “DK-Art” Odense. DK
1983:     Gallery Gravene. “Solo” Odense. DK
Museums Representations and Collections:
The Photography Museum, Brandts Klædefabrik. Odense. DK
The Royal Danish Library, Photo and Map Collection. Copenhagen. DK
Biblioteque Nationale. Paris. France
The National Danish Art Museum Collection. Copenhagen. DK
John Hunov Collection. Copenhagen. DK
Bill Hunt Collection. USA
Royal Art Academic Library. Copenhagen. DK
The Danish Film Institute. Copenhagen. DK
The Middelfart Art Foundation. DK
Private collectors in Europe and USA