Aino El Solh

konzeptuelle Kunst / Performance

„My first Million“
Im Finnischen Zentrum
Schleiermacherstraße 24a
Sa. 15-16 Uhr & So. 15-16 Uhr
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Aino El Solh 30.6. Million

Aino El Solh Hemmesphere Million

My first million

My first million is an ongoing project, a process, and a practice for the spirit, the hand and the mind that takes a form of a drawing consisting of rows of black lines.

A session of counting in Finnish language for one hour, takes place daily in my living room. I record my voice and draw lines in the tempo of my counting to mark each number on paper.  I work on a paper roll that is 20m long, and the sessions follow each other vertically.

My piece is a vehicle that travels through time. It reveals patterns while unfolding. It has a binary quality as the pen, depending of its sharpness, marks dark and light lines. Binary and rhythmic, as the passages of dark and light lines fluctuate.

In each session the character of the number is reduced to a uniform representation (a line) and one does not read the individual numbers.  The pair numbers and mirror numbers, as well as pure numeric rows make an exception. When such a number appears on a session I mark it on the paper above the uniform line.  I’m observing their appearance, that is regular, and their location in relation to each other.

I will keep on counting until I reach one million. I have reached one fourth of that amount recently, after eighteen months of counting.

Aino El Solh Million